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Susan K. Norris (VP Kendallville Iron & Metal, Inc.)

As a conservative third generation family owned company, we rely on outsourcing services that we do not manage internally.  Finding and maintaining excellent suppliers of these services is key to the success and growth of our businesses.  When it comes to our tax accounting preparations, choosing the right support is critical.  That’s why we rely on Scott Frick CPA and have done since 1993.  We found early on in our relationship with Scott that he possessed the three things we believe make him a preferred supplier of these services to our company; ongoing technical expertise, integrity, and a strong sense of customer.  By staying abreast of the ever occurring changes in policies, Scott provides us with both beneficial business and personal tax strategies and accounting solutions while ensuring our compliance.  By taking the time to understand the complete financial situations of each of our businesses and how current policy changes might impact us, Scott provides us with proven financial direction that is researched, timely, applicable, and beneficial to our businesses.  As we continue to grow our businesses, we will continue to look to Scott Frick CPA for continued financial expertise, support of our future goals, and excellence of service.