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By Oleg Bogopolski,Inna Bumagin,Olga Kharlampovich,Enric Ventura

The paper through O. Bogopolski and A. Vikentiev describes a few quite useful?niteindexsubgroupsoftheautomorphismgroupofa?nitelygeneratedfree staff. certainly one of their makes use of might be to assault the matter at the Kazhdan estate (T) for those teams. The paper of A. Juhasz encompasses a resolution of the di?cult club challenge in a subclass of one-relator teams. Papers of F. Matucci, D. Savchuk and R. Zarzycki will allure the eye of these who need to know extra approximately teams of variations of the unit period [0,1], specifically concerning the well-known Thompson s crew F and its restrict homes. The paper via A.J. Duncan, V. Dieckert and A.G. Myasnikov features a very thoroughsurveyonrewritingsystemswithnewissuesonin?niterewritingsystems. The paper via L. Frenkel, A.G. Myasnikov and V.N. Remeslennikov is dedicated to theproblemofhowto measuresomesubsets infreegroupsbyusingrandomwalks. the result of this paper can be used for designing algorithms that run speedy on just about all inputs. This paper in addition to the paper through M. Hock and B. Tsaban are hugely suggested to experts in cryptography. ultimately, the paper by means of D. Goncalves and P. Wong is dedicated to the twisted conjugacy in 2-dimensional crystallographic teams. we're very thankful to the businesses that supported those meetings: TheconferenceinDortmundwasorganizedbyO.Bogopolski, M.-T.Bochnig, G.Rosenberger, V.Shpilrainand E.Ventura.Thisconferencewas?nancially supported by means of DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), via DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), and by means of the Universit] at Dortmund. The URL handle for its homepage is http: //"

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