Download Net force (Italian Edition) by Tom Clancy,Steve Perry,Steve Pieczenik PDF

By Tom Clancy,Steve Perry,Steve Pieczenik

Washington 2020. Una bomba uccide il comandante di internet strength, l. a. squadra speciale according to l. a. sicurezza di web. A prenderne il posto è chiamato il suo vice, Alex Michaels, che deve affrontare laminaccia più grave: l’attacco combinato di una famiglia mafiosa, di una killer specializzata in travestimenti e di un hacker geniale e spietato. l. a. posta in gioco non è solo los angeles vita di Michaels e dei suoi uomini, è il futuro dell’umanità, che verrebbe travolta dal collasso della Rete provocato dal cyberterrorismo. E l’unica possibilità di salvezza è un assalto armato in uno dei territori più pericolosi del pianeta.

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Download The Swabian Affair: Book III of the Gaius Marius Chronicle by Ray Gleason PDF

By Ray Gleason

The Swabian Affair offers the 3rd books of a memoir written by way of a retired Roman soldier, Gaius Marius Insubrecus, who served Caesar in the course of his wars in Gaul. As a formative years, Insubrecus is stuck among worlds: the heroic myths of his humans, the Gah’el, and the cruel realities in their conqueror, Rome. Insubrecus attempts to flee assassins despatched after him from Rome through hiding within the Roman military, correct on the time that the hot governor, Gaius Iulius Caesar, launches his legions into Gaul to prevent a Germanic invasion led by means of a mystic warrior king known as Ariovistus. Insubrecus is plunged right into a global of violence, intrigue and betrayal, as he attempts to serve his new customer, Caesar, and to stick alive, whereas pursued by way of a Roman cutthroat and Germanic warriors.

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Download La scatola del signor Hulford (La cultura) (Italian Edition) by Giorgio Taschini PDF

By Giorgio Taschini

Farid è un giornalista di origini irachene. Dopo anni di assenza torna a Baghdad in keeping with seguire le major elezioni democratiche dopo los angeles caduta di Saddam. Nel tentativo di recuperare una scatola sepolta nel giardino della sua vecchia casa, un suo amico viene ucciso. Shaimà sta attraversando il deserto diretta a Baghdad. Con sé ha un po’ di soldi. È sicura che saranno suffi cienti in keeping with trovare qualcuno disposto advert aiutarla, qualcuno in grado di liberarla dalla vita che porta in grembo. Tim è un soldato americano, tornato dall’Iraq a causa di una ferita riportata in un’esplosione. Un giorno riceve un’e-mail da un commilitone: un loro compagno gli ha spedito i nastri girati durante i pattugliamenti a Baghdad e si è impiccato. Tre personaggi, tre destini che si incrociano in una Baghdad da incubo e che si compiranno dall’altra parte del mondo, in un paesino sui monti Appalachi, dentro una vetrinetta del lodge del signor Hulford, dove sono conservati alcuni cimeli dell’11 settembre. In una scatola di latta. Alcuni dicono che l. a. scatola si mette a luccicare quando il signor Hulford los angeles posa sul petto delle persone. A volte, quando dorme, il signor Hulford sogna che nel inn viene il diavolo in line with rubargli l. a. scatola.
È un uomo servizievole e gentile, il diavolo. Li voglio tutti, cube, dammi tutti i peccati che ci sono dentro quella scatola. Ma il signor Hulford non si spaventa mai, e sussurra al diavolo le parole di Dylan Thomas: E l. a. morte non avrà più dominio.
Creare un autentico romanzo nel nostro pace, nell’era della post-globalizzazione e della sconcertante favola a cui l. a. espone il nuovo mondo trasformato: è los angeles promessa riuscita di questo racconto che si insinua e persiste, dilaga in quell’immersione che è l. a. lettura di un’opera artistica compiuta, e quindi necessaria. Se los angeles risposta della letteratura ai tempi di crisi è sempre ambigua e spesso si avvale di una difesa strenua della complessità, a volte facendosi illeggibile e respingente, Giorgio Taschini sceglie los angeles strada di una narrazione apparentemente piana, esplosa al rallentatore, orizzontale e ubiqua, che rimbalza da una Baghdad descritta con precisione satellitare a un’America talmente realistica da risultare onirica, e introduce in un’atmosfera straniata, che quotidianamente viviamo perché da decenni los angeles vediamo su qua lunque schermo. E schermo privilegiato è l. a. letteratura, che con il suo eterno racconto ammalia e muta l. a. percezione del mondo, e accoglie le esistenze che sembrano chiedere una redenzione qualsiasi al mistero stesso in cui sono immerse.

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Download Viel zu schnell erwachsen - Mit siebzehn an der Front by Hans Partschefeld PDF

By Hans Partschefeld

Wenige Monate vor Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges wird der Autor zum Flaksoldaten ausgebildet und kommt als 17-Jähriger in den Kämpfen um Köln zum Einsatz. In diesem erschütternden Zeitzeugenbericht gibt er einen tiefen Einblick in das Drama der minderjährigen Soldaten, berichtet über die verzweifelte Verteidigung der Stadt, das Ausmaß der durch die Bombardements entstandenen Schäden und das damit verbundene Leid der Zivilbevölkerung. Besonders tragisch erlebt er den Rückzug über den Rhein, über die Hohenzollernbrücke, die nur einen Tag später gesprengt wird.
Dieses Zeitdokument über die Grausamkeiten und die Schrecken des Krieges basiert auf den persönlichen Erlebnissen des Autors. Sorgfältig recherchierte Fakten ergänzen den außergewöhnlichen Bericht.

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Download Der Name meines Bruders: Roman (German Edition) by Larry Tremblay,Angela Sanmann PDF

By Larry Tremblay,Angela Sanmann

Dies ist die Geschichte einer Familie im Krieg, an einem Ort ohne Namen, die in vielen Gegenden der Welt spielen könnte. Wie in einem Kammerspiel, hochaktuell und zugleich von überzeitlicher Gültigkeit, erzählt der Roman in einer klaren und poetischen Sprache von Manipulation und ethical, von Bruderliebe und von einem Geheimnis.
Als ihre Großeltern ums Leben kommen, endet die Kindheit der Zwillinge Amed und Aziz abrupt. Einer der Brüder soll zum Märtyrer werden. Der unheilbar kranke Aziz darf aus religiösen Gründen nicht geopfert werden, sagt der Vater. Aber Amed hat Angst. Und seine Mutter will nicht beide Söhne verlieren.
Larry Tremblays Roman „Der identify meines Bruders“ ist ein eindrucksvolles Plädoyer gegen den Krieg, in Kanada ein großer Verkaufserfolg und mittlerweile Schullektüre. Er wurde mit dem Preis der Buchhändler von Québec ausgezeichnet.

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Download Give a man enough rope by Richard Roe PDF

By Richard Roe

‘’Give a guy adequate rope and he’ll grasp himself.’’
in response to a real tale, Richard Roe’s reprehensible story, supplies an extraordinary perception into what lifestyles within the British military can suggest for a few. unsatisfied at having his valid request for discharge refused, Roe makes an attempt to achieve early unlock via ‘working his ticket’, via disobedience and disorderly behavior.
Refusing to be manipulated his Commanding Officer fails to punish Roe correctly, with the unlucky end result that Roe involves think about himself unassailable.
abruptly delivered to earth whilst believing himself to have killed an NCO in a struggle, Roe is pressured to move at the run. His trip takes him from the British military of the Rhine, to the Guadiaro valley, then all the way down to the Costa del Sol and finally directly to Gibraltar.
although, incapable of swap and having didn't research a lesson from his fresh prior, Roe likely kills two times extra. searching for a secure haven, Roe admits himself to an army psychiatric unit, yet little does he realize it, even supposing any sane individual may have guessed, his difficulties are just simply starting.

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Download Return to Stanley Canyon by Glenn Coleman,Jan Temples,Craig Scott PDF

By Glenn Coleman,Jan Temples,Craig Scott

an army event following the 2 major characters, Dave Edwards and Pete Benedetto, in the course of the rigors of the Air strength Academy and Flight tuition, and finally into air strive against in an rising conflict at the Korean peninsular. they're either assigned to a brand new fighter with a robot wingman. Their adventures take them to POW camp with an get away regarding a Russian helicopter and rescue through the USA military. excessive tech, humor, adventure...and many studying opportunities.

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Download Phantom Warriors---The Beginning and Mission One:The Amazon by Charles Welch PDF

By Charles Welch

"Special Forces Captain ""Brett Stone"" had started out processing from the U.S. military while he buys a Washington kingdom Lottery price ticket and wins fifty-nine million dollars.
Captain Stone calls his previous Commander at citadel Bragg to inform him the good news and his former Commander bargains him a problem he simply cannot refuse: A meritorious promoting to ""Major"" if he remains within the military and to steer an elite team of infantrymen to accomplish mystery assasssinations/sniper tasks and resuce missions.
Although he is a millionaire, he cannot go up the problem. He besides the Colonel and his government Officer; Lieutenant Sarah Carter choose their elite staff which include 3 ""Special Forces"" males; 3 ""Ranger"" males; 3 ""Delta"" males and ""Linquist Specialsit"" women.
The workforce will get their first task which takes them to the Amazon Jungle. Their basic venture is to resuce American ladies who have been kidnap and their secondarily undertaking is to cast off the infamous Colombian Drug Lord ""Daniel Quinn"" who was once chargeable for the kidnapping.
From the instant the staff jumps from the airplane into the jungle, every little thing starts off going incorrect. a part of the group actually lands on Quinn's estate and are captured. a few staff participants are crushed, a few shot or even one is buried alive.
The crew faces risk not just from Quinn and his males, but in addition from then jungle itself. they're attacked through wild baboons, jaguars and cobra snakes. additionally they need to struggle off Quinn's German Sheppards, his puppy alligator, kill alot of undesirable men and keep away from a airplane crash.
This is the 1st e-book of an ongoing sequence of the ""Phantom Warriors."" it really is an exhilarating web page turner and packed with motion which you may have a difficult time placing down."

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Download Beast of Bengal by Elaine Pinkerton PDF

By Elaine Pinkerton

Beast of Bengal is a global struggle II mystery and poignant romance set within the not going China-Burma-India Theatre. because the conflict rages, U.S. and British squaddies struggle their very own battles within the steamy jungles of Burma. yet, in an American army clinic in Calcutta, whatever poor is amiss. This old fiction positive factors the internecine battles for Indian independence among these advocating the violent removing of Westerners and people dependable to Mohandas Gandhi.

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Download August 1914 (Vintage Classics) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn PDF

By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

‘One observe of fact shall outweigh the complete global’ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In the 1st month of the 1st global warfare the Russian crusade opposed to the Germans creaks into apparatus. Crippled by way of vulnerable, indecisive management the Russian troops conflict desperately, while the inevitability of failure and their very own sacrifice dawns. Solzhenitsyn’s dazzling paintings of historic fiction is a portrait of pre-revolutionary Russia, a sad conflict tale, and an epic novel within the nice Russian tradition.

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